Kate Dirrane

Alison is a fantastic realtor. She is personable and hard-working. Her extensive knowledge of the market makes her a secret weapon for her clients! Couldn't recommend working with Alison enough.

Matthew Reardon

Alison is a great realtor.

She was just what we needed to help us through our first home purchase. Supportive along the way, available to discuss the process as a whole from the start, and helped iron out our priorities, weigh the choices we made, and most importantly helped us get our winning bid over others.

She has a realistic view of the market and was not pushing us toward houses that didn’t fit our budget or wants and needs. We made our choices and she was supportive and realistic when needed.

Alison provided us with several pro real estate tools and many market comparison reports for the different properties we were considering. If numbers are your thing you can count on Alison to give you the data you need to make informed decisions. We also were able to consult with others in her office with her as needed for specific questions that came up on certain properties.

What was very helpful during the process was that she came in person to private showings and open houses (or didn’t if we wanted to go ourselves), and scouted new properties without us when we had conflicts or it was during work hours, and she sought out any pre- market opportunities that were potentially a good fit. We met weekly mid week before showings kicked off to discuss priorities on available properties.

Overall a great process with Alison.

Barbara Zeidan

Alison is a wonderful realtor. She was patience, honest, a great listener and communicator. She always kept us well informed and met our needs. She is really is easy to work. We highly recommend Alison and will definitely use her services again.

First Time Buyer

Alison was amazing. She helped a first-time home buyer get from clueless to in-the-game over the course of a weekend. She recommended some excellent lenders (for getting the loan pre-approval in about 24 hours) and attorneys. She was quick to provide market analysis and “comp” documents, which helped me understand the going rate of square-footage and other home features in the area I was looking to live in. She was also good about responding to my feedback on new listings to arrange tours and to modify our search. Most importantly, she kept in contact with the seller’s side to find out when offers were due and where my offer stood in comparison to other offers; this enabled us to react quickly when required, which in turn enabled me to buy the place I wanted most. I love my new home, and I am very grateful to Alison for helping me throughout the buying process! Highly recommend!

Tom DeVoto

Alison was a tremendous resource to my wife and I when we sold our first apartment. She was always responsive to us, gave us helpful, actionable, and honest advice on how to prepare for our sale, and was a trusted advisor when it was time to consider offers. We set a record for the highest sale price in our 32 unit building's history and that would not have happened without Alison. When it's time for us to look for our next home, we will be calling Alison.